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Webinars & Workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person.

The length can be 30 minutes, 60 minutes, a half day, or a full day.
Chat with me to see what works best for you!
Melissa Milanak giving workshop or webinar



Understanding Sleep for Optimal Performance

Disrupted schedules, increased stress, and pressures at work and home can interfere with sleep in many ways. Learn practical tips and strategies to start getting sweet dreams during times of highest unrest.


Mindset Management

Thoughts, beliefs and interpretations of facts trigger emotions and drive actions. Learn how to manage thoughts and emotions to respond instead of react increasing effectiveness and reducing work stress.


Communicating Clearly

Proven strategies to express your opinions, provide positive feedback and constructive criticism, navigate conflict and differing opinions, and avoid common pitfalls interfering with effective communication. This session can also include effective ways to respond to client/customer needs.


Strategies for Success

Tips and tricks to combat stress, reduce burnout, navigate technology/zoom fatigue, shut off your worried mind, and truly experience a few minutes of rest and relaxation. Learn practical healthy coping techniques.


Increasing Resilience

Stress, worry and anxiety can motivate or impair efficiency and effectiveness. Understand and shift the way you react to life stressors to enhance focus and emotional well-being.


Perfection, NOT Perfectionism

How do you set realistic expectations, perform at your highest level, but also manage your time more effectively and let go of the small stuff? Explore tips and trick for high performance while maintaining a work/life balance


The Importance of Wellbeing

Learn what elements comprise wellbeing, what factors drive it, how it differs from engagement, how culture plays a role, and the importance of perceptions of fairness and providing certainty during uncertain times.

Woman at Work

Women at Work

You are the CEO of your life! Learn strategies for workplace communication (confidence vs. arrogance), staying connected while remote, balancing work hours and being an effective employee vs parent, partner, and friend and other strategies to achieve success personally and professionally.


Mindful Moments

When we zone out or slip into “auto pilot” we react vs. respond and miss out on life! Become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn practical strategies to be more active in your personal and professional life, create greater focus, and reduce tension and stress.

And More…

Dr. Milanak will customize a training to weave topics together matching your organization’s desired outcomes and will provide finalized take-away materials for attendees.

Dr. Milanak is an expert in the sleep disorder arena and when she speaks on the topic it shows. She presents her subject in terms a layman audience can easily understand. Melissa engages her audience and is able to maintain this engagement using various techniques throughout her presentation. She exceeded expectations regarding bringing value to our professional society membership via a speaking engagement opportunity.
Karl Krull

ASQ Charleston