Melissa Milanak - workplace wellness expert

Melissa is engaging, personable, and relatable. She meets attendees and clients where they are on their sleep/anxiety journey and designs each workshop so it can be understood and applied in a meaningful way.

I don’t want to overdo the praise in front of the group, but that was crushed! I’ve never heard anyone give that much info so clearly, quickly, and cleanly. It’s almost stupid. Huge fan!

Russ Rausch

Founder, Vision Pursue

I have almost transformed my sleep over the last several days by creating a sleep window, so thank you!

Ashley Bode

Program Manager, Leadership Excellence, MUSC

I would highly recommend this to other companies. I thought it was outstanding information for our employees.

Kye Mitchell

COO, Kforce Inc

They were AMAZING. My whole team became big time fans of yours … [My favorite part] would have to be a tie between your creative zoom fatigue fighting strategies or all the ways we can get on a better sleep schedule. Golden!
Becca Menhart


Watched and listened to both of these, do not miss them. Absolutely great! So many things that can be immediately implemented! Thanks so much Dr. Milanak!
Jerry Gates

Director, Kforce

Dr. Milanak is an expert in the sleep disorder arena and when she speaks on the topic it shows. She presents her subject in terms a layman audience can easily understand. Melissa engages her audience and is able to maintain this engagement using various techniques throughout her presentation. She exceeded expectations regarding bringing value to our professional society membership via a speaking engagement opportunity.
Karl Krull

ASQ Charleston

You kept me so interested that I didn’t even look at my phone for the entire hour!

Workshop Attendee

Dr Melissa Milanak is an extraordinary individual. She delivers keynotes and workshops with ease, her sessions are engaging, professional and clear to understand. Dr. Milanak traverses both the academic and professional world seamlessly, she explains concepts that are easy to grasp and her style is uplifting and has the power to effect change in the habits of individuals and impact organization ecosystems. Her scientific deep knowledge of sleep, stress, anxiety and beyond is incredible, as well as her business savvy and acumen. Anyone, or business, that has the opportunity to work with Dr. Milanak has discovered one of the world’s gems.

CEO, Well-Being Company

This was the highlight of my year!

Workshop Attendee

Organized, practical and informative. Definitely a recommended session for others to attend.

Barron's Teams Summit Attendee

This is so important! She is a genius.

Barron's Teams Summit Attendee

Wonderful speaker. Very insightful.

Barron's Teams Summit Attendee