Keynote Speaking

Melissa has a unique way of connecting with attendees (in-person and virtually) to provide inspirational stories and practical strategies to shift one’s mindset, enhance performance and productivity, improve quality of life, reduce stress and achieve a better night’s sleep. Described as engaging, entertaining and informative, keynotes are customized and advanced in scientific insights to inspire and impact any audience.

Melissa Milanak - keynote speaker
Someone sleeping well in bed

Sleep is critical for so many aspects of physical and mental functioning – memory, attention, focus, concentration, learning, quick decision making, the ability to respond to challenges, and optimal performance, plus too little sleep leads can lead to poor decision making.

Dr. Melissa Milanak


I don’t want to overdo the praise in front of the group, but that was crushed! I’ve never heard anyone give that much info so clearly, quickly, and cleanly. It’s almost stupid. Huge fan!

Russ Rausch

Founder, Vision Pursue