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FOX 24 News Now

Self-Improvement Through Good Sleep Habits

Melissa's interview with Count on 2 News

Count on 2 News

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Global Mental Health Summit

Global Mental Health Summit

Taking Care of Your and Your Family’s Mental Health

Wes Moss-Money Matters

How to Sleep Better in Uncertain Times

Africa CDC

Webinar Series on Mental Health Aspect of COVID-19

Savvy Ladies

Sleep Well, Even Through COVID-19 with Dr. Milanak


The Effects of COVID-19 on Behavioral Health, Part 1


The Effects of COVID-19 on Behavioral Health, Part 2


Intellectual Learning of Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing

Mental Health and Parenting in 2021 zoom call


Mental Health and Parenting During COVID-19

Dr. Melissa Milanak and Holly Martin on a zoom call

Holly Martin

How to Improve Sleep

Kforce with Dr. Milanak on a call


Strategies for Success

Christ-Centered Solutions

PTSD: Questions & Answers About Therapy, Fear, and Faith

Sleep Foundation

How to Leave Work When You Work From Home

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The Dabble Co. Podcast  

Sleep Tips with Dr. Melissa Milanak

Barron’s Advisor 

Why Self-Care is Job One

Finding Freedom Through Faith

Achieving Sweet Dreams During a Time of Unrest

Finding Freedom Through Faith

Addressing Your COVID-19 Fears

Portfolio Pulse

Mental Health, Financial Wellness and the Importance of Sleep

Portfolio Pulse

The Positive Impact of Sleep and How it Helps Us Be More Productive

Beyond Risk & Back

GO TO SLEEP! (I’m talking to you!)

Lowcountry Forever

Mind Impact Consulting

John Edmonds Kozma’s Unimpressed Podcast

Clinical Psychology

Parsley Sky Podcast

Parsley Sky

Optimize Your Sleep