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2YH: MUSC expert, Dr. Melissa Milanak debunks sleep myths

Count on 2 News

2YH: MUSC expert debunks sleep myths

FOX 24 News Now

Self-Improvement Through Good Sleep Habits

Melissa's interview with Count on 2 News

Count on 2 News

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Global Mental Health Summit

Global Mental Health Summit

Taking Care of Your and Your Family’s Mental Health

Wes Moss-Money Matters

How to Sleep Better in Uncertain Times

Africa CDC

Webinar Series on Mental Health Aspect of COVID-19

Savvy Ladies

Sleep Well, Even Through COVID-19 with Dr. Milanak


The Effects of COVID-19 on Behavioral Health, Part 1


The Effects of COVID-19 on Behavioral Health, Part 2


Intellectual Learning of Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing

Mental Health and Parenting in 2021 zoom call


Mental Health and Parenting During COVID-19

Dr. Melissa Milanak and Holly Martin on a zoom call

Holly Martin

How to Improve Sleep

Kforce with Dr. Milanak on a call


Strategies for Success

Christ-Centered Solutions

PTSD: Questions & Answers About Therapy, Fear, and Faith

Sleep Foundation

How to Leave Work When You Work From Home

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Parsley Sky Podcast

A Look Within

Why Sleep is So Critical to our Mental Health with Dr. Melissa Milanak

Parsley Sky Podcast


Burn Out & Mental Health in Web3

The Dabble Co. Podcast  

Sleep Tips with Dr. Melissa Milanak

Barron’s Advisor 

Why Self-Care is Job One

Portfolio Pulse

Mental Health, Financial Wellness and the Importance of Sleep

Portfolio Pulse

The Positive Impact of Sleep and How it Helps Us Be More Productive

Beyond Risk & Back

GO TO SLEEP! (I’m talking to you!)

Lowcountry Forever

Mind Impact Consulting

Parsley Sky Podcast

Parsley Sky

Optimize Your Sleep

Finding Freedom Through Faith

Achieving Sweet Dreams During a Time of Unrest

John Edmonds Kozma’s Unimpressed Podcast

Clinical Psychology

Finding Freedom Through Faith

Addressing Your COVID-19 Fears