Melissa Milanak - coaching and training

Through Individual Standalone Sessions, Multi-session Individual Programs or Small Group Trainings, Melissa is able to dive deeper into personalized improvement strategies to help you reduce your anxiety, enhance your sleep, maximize your performance and achieve your goals! All coaching and training programs begin with a customized assessment to help you identify opportunity areas and better utilize your strengths.

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Improving Sleep


Emotion Management

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Professional Growth

I have almost transformed my sleep over the last several days by creating a sleep window, so thank you! ……. I was one of those people who spent too many hours in bed and woke up several times a night. I would go to bed early because I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep all night… it was spotty at best (so, stretching my pizza dough too far). Over the last almost week, I started staying up an extra 2 hours and now I sleep pretty hard all night and feel better during the day.

Ashley Bode

Program Manager, Leadership Excellence, MUSC